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World Hypnotism Day

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World Hypnotism Day World Hypnotism Day was established on the 4th January 2006 in honour of Dr Jack Gibson, an Irish surgeon and hypnotherapist who continuously pioneered and promoted the need for Hypnosis in hospitals. It’s a day to spread awareness and knowledge about the powerful, yet often misunderstood practice; and a day dedicated to […]

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Stop Smoking, use the power of hypnosis! Part 2

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There is an ever-increasing number of studies that demonstrate hypnosis to be an effective—in fact probably the most effective—approach to getting rid of a smoking habit. Research in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia, have shown that hypnosis offers a fast, permanent, and relatively inexpensive way to stop smoking. There are many ways that

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Hypnosis for Gambling Addiction Moving Minds Gold Coast

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Australians really like to gamble; and it’s easy to do here, what with all the race tracks and casinos, four thousand-plus poker clubs, and about two hundred thousand poker machines spread across the continent. Plus, there is on-line gambling, which generates approximately $800 million a year. Eighty percent of Australians gamble at least a few

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Hypnosis for Alcohol Abuse

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Here’s some good news. There are fewer problem drinkers in Australia these days. Young Aussie’s are starting to drink at a later age than they were a couple of decades ago, and the amount of binge drinking is down. But the problem has not gone away. Australia still logs thousands of deaths, injuries and illnesses

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