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NDIS for Hypnotherapy

NDIS for Hypnotherapy

Are you an NDIS participant looking for an effective treatment to help you achieve your plan objectives?

Are you looking for ways to improve daily living, capacity building, and feel more confident about social and community participation?

Do you feel like you’re burning through your NDIS budget but not achieving your mental health goals?

Or perhaps you’re a plan manager, support coordinator, or recovery coach who just wants to find your client a therapy that actually works!


You may be asking yourself ‘Does NDIS fund hypnotherapy?’ or ‘Does NDIS fund mental health?’NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, and when it comes to NDIS funding, there are many ways individuals or plan managers can access the services provided by allied health professionals to achieve their plan goals.As a general rule, if it can be shown that a therapy is expected to provide a positive outcome, it aligns with the objectives and goals in your NDIS plan, and it is not funded by other parts of the Australian health system, then the NDIS should fund it. So, yes, provided you expect that hypnotherapy will help you with your plan goals, then NDIS can fund hypnotherapy.

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How can the NDIS Fund Hypnotherapy

The NDIS Capacity-building category is a funding category under the NDIS that can be used to support individuals with disability to develop the skills and knowledge they need to participate fully in the community and achieve their goals. All therapy should be goal-oriented, evidence-based and provided in a person-centred approach. Capacity-building is aimed at achieving specific goals such as improving mental health, appropriately managing difficult emotions, improving ability to respond in socially acceptable ways, overcoming barriers to participation in the community, and helping improve daily living.Hypnotherapy speaks to all of the above and, similarly to counselling or psychology, is a form of psychotherapy.  Moving Minds Hypnotherapy is a unregistered NDIS provider and are known as an ‘other professional’. This means that our therapists can use appropriate skills, principles, counselling, life coaching, cognitive training methods, as well as advanced hypnotherapy principles to help you create the positive changes you want in your emotional responses, thinking, and behaviour. By helping you change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours you will most likely experience improved relationships and communication, better psychosocial engagement, and an overall improvement in your daily life.

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How can Hypnotherapy Help With Psychosocial Issues

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective form of therapy that can help you overcome a wide range of challenges and improve your daily living. From overcoming anxiety and PTSD to changing habits and behaviours that interfere with your ability to engage socially in the community, hypnotherapy has the ability to help you achieve your goals and live the life you deserve, despite your disability.Our hypnotherapists are trained to help you develop the skills you need to live independently and confidently. Our team of highly trained and experienced hypnotherapists are dedicated to providing personalised treatment that empowers you to take control of your life and achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your communication skills, increase your independence, feel more at ease in social situations, or simply have a regular, solution focused, hypnotic counseling session, we can help.

We specialise in helping clients increase their social and community participation, and are experienced in working with clients who have social anxiety, communication difficulties, or other barriers to participating in social activities.

We understand that for many people, the goal of therapy is to be able to return to work, continue their education, or pursue personal projects. Our hypnotherapists are experienced life coaches and can help you achieve your goals related to work, education, or personal projects.The capacity-building potential of our therapy programs means that Moving Minds Hypnotherapy is the ideal choice for those who want to better manage anxiety, communicate more effectively, and take charge of your life. We are experienced in helping people overcome numerous mental health, emotional, and behavioural problems, such as anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and other psychological and psychosocial issues.

If you are a self-managed or plan-managed NDIS participant, we will help ascertain if your NDIS plan will fund hypnotherapy. Book in now using our online booking portal and select NDIS for the service. We will contact you and your NDIS plan manager to make sure your plan can fund hypnotherapy. *NDIS plans, objectives, and funding vary. Eligibility is dependent on the approvals and goals within the individual plan.

Don’t let your NDIS funding go to waste. Take the first step towards improving your daily living, increasing your social and community participation, and achieving your goals by booking in today. Our team of expert hypnotherapists are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and improving your daily living. With our help, you can break free from the limitations that have been holding you back and take control of your life.

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How does it Work

It is recommended that you start with a 6-session program over 10 weeks. This allows us to appropriately explore the issues and the work towards achieving your plan goals. We will work with you through the ups and downs of life, and to make sure positive changes are integrated.Normally the issues completely or significantly resolve, however you may decide that a regular ‘tune-up’ is what’s required to keep you moving in the right direction. Your personal needs can be discussed with your therapist.Sessions are conducted face-to-face from our Helensvale Practice for those living in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and wider region. We also provide online NDIS telehealth hypnotherapy sessions to those anywhere in Australia.

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