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Hypnosis for Depression

Hypnosis for Depression

Are you tired of feeling disconnected, hopeless and helpless?

Do you feel like a prisoner in your own mind and struggle to do the most basic of tasks?

Are you ready to take control of your mental health and improve your quality of life?

If you struggle with depression, and the overwhelming negative thoughts and feelings associated, you are not alone. Unfortunately, depression is something many people in today’s world silently live with. While the statistics indicate that 3 million Australians are living with depression, many do not treat their illness. Sadly, a lot of people try to battle depression on their own. Most people start out in life with a high level of confidence, but over the years it slowly ebbs away as we inevitably face rejection, fear, and limitations. Sometimes these rejections and setbacks can make us stronger, but prolonged and frequent negative emotions can sometimes give way to depression, a serious illness that affects everyone differently.

Depression is often described as the black dog, or a dark cloud over one’s life, a persistent sadness, hopelessness, disengagement, or lack of interest in participating in your own life. Although the symptoms vary greatly, some common symptoms of depression include loss of interest in everyday activities, social withdrawal, anxiety, low moods, a lack of energy and ongoing sleep problems, experiencing stress, guilt and indecision, slowed movement, difficulty concentrating and physical symptoms like headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. Psychotic depression can include losing touch with reality and experiencing psychotic symptoms, delusions and false memories.

If you believe that your prolonged negative thinking may be on the path to a set in mental illness like depression, or you have already been diagnosed with clinical depression, all is not lost. Depression is a treatable mental illness. Like other mental disorders, depression is often treated with cognitive behavioural therapy with a trained therapist or, in some cases, medication. These treatments work for some people and not for others.

If you are here reading this, there’s every chance you’re willing to try something like hypnosis to treat your depression. Hypnotherapy is a treatment for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, among other things like pain control, aiding in individuals quitting smoking or losing weight, and therapeutically working through stressful events. Moving Minds Hypnotherapy offers face-to-face hypnosis consultation from our practice in Helensvale, easily accessible from anywhere on the Gold Coast and a short drive from Brisbane. We also conduct hypnotherapy online, so no matter where you are in the world, you can do your sessions from the comfort of your own home with online hypnosis. If you are in Queensland, Australia, or across the world, please contact us to book a hypnotherapy session or call us with any questions about hypnosis.

By engaging in hypnosis work with a trained therapist to treat depression, you can free yourself from anxiety and mental health concerns and feel happier and more confident. Perhaps experiencing a deep relaxation for the first time in a long time.

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The impact of hypnosis on treating depression

Depression can be described as a weight on your shoulders or your chest. It can be a crushing feeling of defeat telling you to stay in bed – but we are here to tell you right now that hypnosis (when provided by a qualified hypnotherapist) has the capacity to resolve emotional conflicts and allows you to move past your depression.

There are no major risks known for using hypnotherapy to treat your depression. When you visit us at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy, you will go through a series of hypnotic techniques and be guided into a hypnotised or trance-like state. This is a state where you are more open to suggestion. This hypnotic suggestion state is safe with a professional hypnotherapist in clinical practice.

Entering a hypnotic state can often be described as a relaxed state; the trance-like state redirects a person’s attention while they remain aware of their surroundings. Within the altered state, a subject will display focused attention on the professional hypnotherapist’s words. While the conscious mind may be redirected, the subject is still in a heightened state that helps to reduce anxiety and allow for deep relaxation. In this focused hypnotic state, the subject is more open to suggestions like to quit smoking or taking action towards losing weight.

Hypnotherapy can also be used as a non-drug therapy for pain control in chronic conditions. For example, the hypnotic state has been shown to significantly impact pain control in medical conditions such as arthritis or for patients undergoing radiation treatment. Hypnosis can also be used to help those with phobias, like individuals who experience phobias of dental procedures.

Hypnotherapy differs from other more traditional treatments because the patient’s conscious involvement is limited, while their unconscious mind does much of the work. This is helpful in cases where mental health or mental disorders appear to be getting in the way of the patient asking for or receiving help. This is also why it’s beneficial for hypnosis sessions to come before learning self hypnosis techniques.

As you progress through your sessions your therapist will recommend various hypnotic strategies to continue practising to continue the relaxed state and to reinforce the changes into your everyday life.
We will help you focus on your strengths and become more active. We can also change and challenge ingrained ways of thinking, so if you need a hand, contact us today.

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Outcomes from Depression-focused Hypnosis Treatment

People can spend years in counselling or psychology. Sometimes never getting close to resolution. Hypnosis could help you move on from the past and start living the happy fulfilling life you deserve.

How does hypnosis for depression at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast work?

There are four face-to-face hypnosis sessions which are generally spaced over six weeks. You will also receive two hypnotic audios for practising self hypnosis, and various mind techniques for self hypnosis to keep you on track with your mental health in your own time.

During your first session, we will discuss what you would like to change and the specific issue/s that you need help with. Understanding your mental health concerns can help inform your hypnosis session’s best course of action.

This is followed by your first hypnosis session, which can go in several directions depending on where you are and what you need.

Most people notice a significant shift from their very first session. However, things mustn’t be rushed. It is not uncommon for people to feel a lot better after a single session, but with four, we can ensure we work through all the underlying issues. You will clear out and resolve the things that hold you back while in this hypnotic state. But most of all, you will create an inner peace and happiness and learn to love, trust and respect yourself.

How much does it cost?

Depression can cost thousands of dollars in lost opportunities and income,

but the way it impacts other areas of life is far more significant.

Your relationships can suffer, and your overall quality of life (which you cannot put a price on) can suffer at the hands of your mental health. However, we know that there is a way forward. Our clients are a testament to that. Our results speak volumes about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression.

The total cost for our four session hypnotherapy for depression program is $240 per session or just $800 when paid upfront.

We help to unlock the part of you that wants out, the part of you that is sick of living a half-life with a weight on your shoulders. By entering a hypnotic trance state, we can tap into your subconscious and allow you to live your life to the fullest and improve your overall well-being.

Get in touch with our team if you are interested in booking your first hypnosis session or have questions about how hypnosis works or the costs associated with our sessions.

This four-session program is $240 per session, or just $800 when paid in full.

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