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Rebecca Doughty

Hi, I’m Rebecca, a dedicated professional with 12 years in the health industry, deriving immense joy from aligning my work with the purpose of assisting others. My journey into the realm of hypnotherapy commenced in 2018 with a profound past life regression experience, a pivotal moment that resonated deeply, igniting a passion for this therapeutic discipline. Intrigued by Dolores Cannon’s work, I delved into the multifaceted possibilities of hypnotherapy spanning anxiety, self-confidence, weight loss, addictions and beyond. 


My commitment to mastering the craft led me to graduate with the outstanding student award in my Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Applied Psychotherapy. I completed my Conversational Hypnosis training with Greg and continue to develop my skills with this style of hypnosis under the mentorship of Greg. Joining forces with the Moving Minds Hypnotherapy team has been instrumental in my professional growth, given that our shared vision revolves around the desire to help others in the best way possible.

Being an open, curious, and accepting person, I love engaging in conversations with individuals from all walks of life. The diversity of people, their numerous perspectives, opinions, and theories, is a source of great inspiration.

Hypnotherapy is not just a profession for me; it’s a profound passion that propels my dedication to continual learning and desire to make a difference in the world. The field’s immense possibilities and applications drive me to hone my skills further, all with the goal of helping others reach their full potential or guiding them through enlightening past life regressions or spiritual experiences.

I extend an enthusiastic invitation to embark on your hypnotherapy journey with me. Together, let’s explore the transformative potential that lies within, as we work towards achieving your goals and aspirations.  

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