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Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Hypnotherapy for PTSD

If you have been exposed to a traumatic incident, or have experienced trauma in your life, you may be dealing with the distressing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

The symptoms of PTSD can manifest in a variety of ways, and they are different for everyone.

If you have experienced trauma and are having trouble sleeping, having nightmares, are experiencing anxiety or are troubled by flashbacks, then you may have PTSD.

It is always recommended to see a psychologist for a diagnosis of any psychological condition.

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Do I Have PTSD?

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One of the things about being human is that we will be exposed to difficulties and hardship in our lives. From time to time, people are exposed to hardships and experiences above and beyond ‘usual’ difficulties. Incidents which can trigger PTSD include exposure to death, the threat of death, actual or threatened serious injury, and/or actual or threatened sexual violence in the following way(s):

  • you experienced the event
  • were a witness
  • had a family member who has exposed to this trauma, or
  • you were a first responder.

For diagnosis, symptoms of your experience will manifest in a certain way. This might be through nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, physical reactions, obtrusive thoughts, unwanted memories and/or emotional distress. You might also seek to avoid any trauma-related stimuli.

Naturally, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is normal to feel quite distressed and worried, and while it is important to seek a clinical diagnosis for any possible PTSD, know that we are here to help you both before and after any psychological treatment.

People can spend years in counselling or psychoanalysis. Sometimes never getting close to resolution. Hypnosis could help you move on from the past and start living the happy fulfilling life you deserve.

How Does Hypnosis for PTSD Help with Treatment?

When you have experienced a traumatic incident, your mind reacts to protect you from this trauma. Psychologists and medical experts have recognised that there is a neurological shift in the way persons who have perceived trauma then interact with the world around them. Trauma leaves an ‘imprint’ on the brain which can be triggered or reappear which gives you the feeling that the past trauma is taking place in the present.

Hypnotherapy cannot erase your trauma, but it is possible to work on the traumatic event and to access subconscious information which is stored around this traumatic incident, reshaping it into a new experience. With hypnotherapy, it is possible to transform your trauma experience into something manageable while releasing negative conclusions or beliefs that your body is holding onto.

  • Trauma impacts on your body and mind in a number of ways, and you may feel like you have no control over your responses. Hypnotherapy gives you the tools and resources to strengthen yourself and gives you greater control and a feeling of strength which can be incredibly healing in and of itself.
  • If you are avoiding situations and environments for fear of triggering your PTSD responses, hypnotherapy can allow you to work through your trauma and to take back your voice, giving you an extraordinarily healing experience and a future in which you can thrive.

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When considering how to treat PTSD, it can be quite normal to feel overwhelmed about the idea of revisiting or going back to your trauma. Hypnotherapy for PTSD is a worthwhile treatment which produces reliable results. Your treatment for PTSD will focus on unlocking the subconscious triggers and associations that have been developed. You will likely benefit from your treatment in a number of ways:

At Moving Minds, we are here to help you through any type of trauma-related mental health condition, through hypnotherapy for trauma, and provide an open, respectful and caring environment for your treatment.

This four-session program is $265 per session, or just $880 when paid in full.

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