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Hypnosis for Men’s Sexual Dysfunction

Are You Suffering from?

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Disfunction
  • Loss of Libido
  • Performance Anxiety

While women are more susceptible to sexual issues, men can still have their share of sexual dysfunctions. And it’s actually more common than men would like to admit. Data drawn from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health revealed that, out of 12,000 participants, 54% have reported having, at least, one specific sexual problem.

  • 37% said that they reach climax too quickly.
  • 15% said that they could not climax.
  • 17% reported a lack of sexual interest.
  • 11% experience anxiety during sex.

While sexual issues can be physiological and medical in nature, psychological causes should not be overlooked. Stress, anxiety, trauma, depression or body image issues can cause sexual dysfunction. Hypnotherapy can be an adjunct and, in some cases, resolve issues that other disciplines could not.

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People can spend years in counselling or on medication, but not experiencing any fulfilling resolution. Hypnosis can help you move on from past experiences and make peace with your present, and help you enjoy the sex-life you deserve.

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We make talking about your sexual dysfunction easy. The men’s sexual dysfunction hypnotherapy program is relaxed and supportive. We encourage open discussion of your issues. Throughout our judgement-free sessions, we will help you identify and clear the underlying issues that may be causing your sexual problems and work on removing negative emotions and associations. We will help you to develop a more open and positive outlook towards sex.

We are accepting of all sexual preferences, identities and consensual relationship dynamics.

How Much Does it Cost?

Problems in intimacy can be a significant confidence killer for men, and can potentially cost you fulfilling sexual relationships. This of course can then branch into other areas of life, leaving you depressed, anxious and hopeless just considering meeting people and developing emotional and sexual relationships.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome underlying issues that are keeping you from enjoying sex and develop a more positive outlook towards this important human need.

This four-session program is spaced over 6 weeks. It is $265 a session or $880 when paid in full.

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