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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you have fears or phobias with no known origin?

Issues, patterns or behaviours that just make no sense?

Perhaps you feel lost and want to realise your life purpose

Or maybe you’re just curious about your past lives

Past Life Regression Gold Coast may be what you need.

Hypnotherapist’s Rebecca Doughty and Michelle Davidson have the skills, training and experience to confidently take you through your past lives in the ways that will serve your highest good.

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How can Past Life Regression Help

Irregardless of whether you believe in reincarnation or not our Past Life Regression Therapy Program can help you clear and cleanse your subconscious mind of pain, trauma, anxiety, depression, phobias and fears.

If you believe in past lives then you probably already understand the benefits of doing past life regression therapy, but you may be wondering how can it help if I don’t believe in reincarnation?

Well, in two ways. Firstly Past life regression can also include this life. Childhood memories for example may hold the keys to healing something you are dealing with now.

The other way it can help you if you don’t believe in past lives is through metaphor. You may go on a vivid, metaphorical journey that you believe you’ve ‘made-up’ while hypnotised. By the end of which you feel uplifted, focused and free.

In addition to this Rebecca and Michelle, our Past Life Regression Therapists, will utilise their whole range of hypnotherapy skills and experience to achieve what you want to acheive. So in short, this is more than just a Past Life Regression Session. It is Past Life Regression Therapy, with the emphasis on clearing and resolving the things that are holding you back, thus allowing you to live the life you want.

Past Life Regression Therapy helps you connect to your past to recover memories that can help you unlock trauma, explain anxiety, give context to a disease you are living with and help you find your life purpose.

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Outcomes from Past Life Regression

How does Past Life Regression Therapy Gold Coast work?

We will begin your session with a discussion of what it is you are curious about or want to achieve, discover or resolve.

You will then be guided into a relaxed trance state and through a process where we help you identify details about the individual you were, key events and places, important relationships and life goals that may or may not have been realised. It is not always the case that details are discovered in session however. Every individual is different and your higher guidance may feel that knowing details is not benefitial. The main goal and focus is less on discovering details, names, places, and time periods and more on understanding, resolving and healing the issues you feel that came to resolve.

In a session you might also be guided through the death of that past life and the realm between lives where you can do a life review and look at the lessons. The aim is to figure out and release any aspects of your past life that you may be holding you back now.

It is not uncommon to call on higher guidance either from your higher self or a spirit guide.

Sometimes you might uncover painful experiences, other times happy, euphoric ones.

Get in touch with us today and ask about getting your past life regression therapy online.

How much does it cost?

Past Life Regression Therapy can be done as a single session, but we do recommend a second to help with the integration of your experiences, insights, and changes.

We utilise a range of hypnotic resources and processes in addition to Past Life Regression within the program. When booking please let us know what in particular you would like to work through.

A single session is $290 and the 2 session program is $485.
*You will recieve a downloadable copy of any past life regression sessions done within your program.
*Please allow 2 hours for your first appointment

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