Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast

Goulding SleepTalk Coach

Office Manager

Emily McDiarmid

Hi, I’m Emily. I joined the team back in 2020 as the Practice Manager handling bookings, admin and accounts. Almost every day since starting, I have been inspired by the thousands of lives we change. So much so that I decided to gain my accreditation as a Certified Goulding SleepTalk Practitioner.

Using this program, we have been able to help kids with all sorts of behavioural, emotional and habitual issues, such as anxiety, OCD, PTSD, eating issues, toileting issues, anger and self-esteem.

So, while GregKyha and Michelle take care of the teens and adults, I take care of the younger children. Meaning we are creating happiness and harmony for the entire family.

Some people are animal people others are nature people. I have always been a kid person. By helping facilitate this process of creating a healthy, emotionally intelligent, confident and resilient person, I know I am making a difference to families for generations to come.

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