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Gold Coast Anger Management Hypnotherapy

Gold Coast Anger Management Hypnotherapy

It would be best if you controlled anger before it controls you. While anger is a completely normal human emotion, it can spiral out of control and lead to things that we might regret in the future.

The feeling of anger can range anywhere between irritation and rage, and the intensity of your anger depends on several internal and external factors. Different external situations trigger varying degrees of anger, but more often, the variation relies on internal factors, such as the individual’s disposition.

Some people handle anger better than others—in terms of how easily they are triggered and how they respond to the emotion.

Instinctively, our capability to feel anger is hardwired into our brains, and it has a place in a species’ survival. Humans most often feel anger when there is a mismatch between what we’ve learned to expect against what we are currently experiencing. If you feel that you usually have a difficult time controlling your anger or if it’s easily triggered, our anger management therapy will help you address your issues.

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“Anger is the best punishment we give ourselves for someone else’s mistake.” – Gautama Buddha

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

Anger is undoubtedly natural, but having too much of it or the lack of emotional control may need to be addressed. If you feel that your anger is triggered more quickly than other people, and you find difficulty when it comes to managing anger, Hypnosis for Anger Management might be able to help. Since anger comes from the mind, one of our hypnotists will use the mind’s very power to help the individual learn to process emotions better. While the promise of an anger-free life is virtually impossible, Moving Minds Hypnotherapy will help develop your conscious mind’s connection with your emotions. We, at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy, will help you learn to identify triggers that lead to disproportionate feelings of anger and how to manage and express them healthily.

How much does it cost?

Unmanaged anger has the probability of causing problems in the future. It can hurt friendships, work performance, and family ties.

Let us guide you towards a more emotionally stable life with hypnosis for anger management.

This four-session Hypnosis for Anger Management Program is $240 per session, or $800 when paid in full.

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