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Hypnotherapy for Teenagers

Hypnotherapy for Teenagers

Are you watching your child go through anxietydepression and other mental health issues and feel totally helpless and constantly worried about them?

Do you wish they could see themselves the way you see them, the potential they have, and want to make sure they don’t grow up thinking they’re not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough?

Do you want them to value themselves, have self-confidence, and give them the perseverance and resilience you know they will need as adults? Hypnotherapy for teenagers could help.

Our hypnosis for teenagers program, including hypnotherapy for teenage anxiety, helps children release negative beliefs that may have been picked up from school, friends, family, TV and social media.

It sets them up through these formidable years. To give them the confidence, self-respect and trust in themselves to live a long, happy, healthy life free from mental health issues.

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How Hypnosis for Teenagers Can Help

By the time you reach your teenage years you have your own mind. We all remember being that age and thinking we knew ‘life’ better than our parents, but the fact is there would only be a very small percentage of teens where this is the case.

The thing is, telling a teenager what they ‘should do’ doesn’t work, just like telling an adult what they ‘should do’ doesn’t work. You need to talk to their subconscious. The answers, resources, confidence and resilience needs to come from within.

This cannot be done by force. You may think that hypnosis could be a magic wand (and for many, it seems that way) but the individual must ‘want’ the change (if you are a teen and you’ve read this far then you’ve ticked that box already). We cannot make anyone do anything or share anything they do not want to, but we can help them let go of the things that were holding them back, as long as that’s what they want.

The good news is that during the hypnosis for teens program, which includes hypnosis for teenage anxiety, unlike other therapies they don’t need to talk through all the issues in detail. It is good for us to have a general understanding of what they have been through, but we don’t need to know all the in’s and out’s to be able to help them release it.

By helping them now they could save years of therapy in the future and become the emotionally intelligent, confident and resilient adult they need to be to deal with the issues that life will throw at them.

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Outcomes from Hypnotherapy for Teenagers

How does the Hypnosis for teenagers Program work?

We offer our teens program as a four-session face to face program. We like to space these sessions out over six weeks to ensure that they have sufficient time in between each session for integration, and to be with them through some ups and downs of life. We also provide them with various hypnotic audio tracks and techniques as well as appropriate strategies to keep them moving forward.

During their first session we will take the time to explain about how hypnosis works, what to expect and find out exactly what you want to change. Parents are welcome to observe if the child prefers.

This will then progress into their first hypnosis session which may go in any number of directions depending on the matters they want to address and what hypnotic strategies work best for them as an individual.

Most people notice a significant shift from their very first session. But for some people it is more gradual. No matter which situation you are in you will begin to notice the difference as they move through the hypnosis for teens program.

How much does it cost?

Parents can spend years and thousands trying to get to the bottom of a problem that doesn’t necessarily make any logical sense anyway

This four-session program is $265 a session, or $880 when paid in full.
While we do recommend all 4 sessions are booked, after the first session your child will decide if it for them. For this reason we suggest paying the single session price at first. You will have the option to pay the total program amount within 24 hours.

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