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Hypnotherapy for Children Gold Coast

Hypnotherapy for Children Gold Coast

Are your children causing you to doubt yourself and your parenting abilities?

Do you feel misunderstood, unable to connect, and tired of the endless consultations and dead ends?

Is it hard to express love because of everything you deal with every day?

The SleepTalk® Process is an easy technique that takes 2 minutes each night and helps to instil positive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours in your child’s mind.

SleepTalk is a specific process that is built into your children’s bedtime routine. It helps your children with anxiety and negative beliefs. It builds self-esteem, emotional resilience and a positive belief that they are capable, loved and special.

Your children’s subconscious is most receptive to ideas and understandings at a specific phase of his or her sleep cycle. This is the opportune moment for this positive and powerful process to be accepted at a subconscious level.

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SleepTalk® Can Help With:

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The SleepTalk® Program

The ‘Goulding SleepTalk®’ program is a very simple but specifically worded process that allows you to bypass the negative beliefs and idea your child has about themselves and the world.

Whilst it is not exactly hypnosis, you will be speaking to your child’s subconscious. You can help them become less anxious and angry, more emotionally resilient, confident and loving. This not only makes their life happier, but improves the dynamic of your entire family.

SleepTalk® is not just for parents of children with behavioural or emotional issues. It is for all parents who want their children to grow up to be happy, secure, emotionally intelligent people.

Kids under 12 often lack the emotional awareness and understanding of language required to conduct regular hypnosis with them. This can result in short lived results or the need for regular reinforcement. SleepTalk® is the perfect answer to this.


1. You Commit to this 2 minute process every night for a minimum of 3 months

2. You are prepared to do this with all siblings in your household under 13

3. You stick to the exact wording that has been given to you

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How does the process work?

There are 3 stages to the SleepTalk Program. During your first stage we discuss where your child is now, the specific issue/s you would like help with, and teach you exactly what to do. This ‘foundation’ stage goes for 8-12 weeks. During this stage, we will be working generally on your child’s self-image and inner security.

During the second and third stages, we will bridge to and directly address the specific problem area/s. It is not uncommon however for the issue/s to completely resolve in the foundation stage.

There is a face to face (or online) appointment per stage with the total program going over 6-9 months. In addition you receive regular communication by phone or online to continually gauge your child’s progress and adjust the process if necessary.

How much does it cost?

Parents can spend thousands of dollars on various therapies over years, not to mention the time and opportunity missed to create a life-long resilience in your child’s mind.

The ‘SleepTalk’ Program is just $290 per stage or $760 when paid in full

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