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Quitting Alcohol Hypnotherapy, Gold Coast

Quitting Alcohol Hypnotherapy, Gold Coast

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Do you find yourself making the same promise to quit drinking over and over? With our “Quit Drinking” hypnotherapy session, you can free yourself from the dangers of excessive drinking and alcohol abuse.

Do you stop drinking for a couple of days but end up falling back into alcoholic habits?

If so, our alcohol hypnotherapy treatment may be the solution.

What Exactly is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction (or sometimes referred to as alcohol dependency) is the excessive desire to consume alcohol. It is a compulsion that is hard to manage and control. Like any other forms of addiction, alcohol dependency can lead to serious health problems such as life-long diseases and death.

In most cases, alcohol addiction can ruin someone’s life by making them miss out on work or school, turning them into violent drinkers, and wasting all their money on alcoholic beverages. In addition to this, over time, alcohol addiction can result in the development of chronic diseases and other major health issues such as:

Cancer (Liver, mouth, throat, colon, and esophagus)

High blood pressure, liver disease, stroke

Various heart ailments

Weakened immune system

Memory loss and dementia

Depression and anxiety

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Understanding Hypnotherapy

Many people are unfamiliar with how hypnotherapy can help cure alcohol-related issues, so let us explain.

At its core, hypnotherapy harnesses the power of hypnosis to stop drinking habits that have taken root in an individual’s subconscious. When one undergoes hypnosis for alcoholism, they are placed in a relaxed state where the mind is more receptive to positive suggestions and change. This state allows a clinical hypnosis practitioner to address the underlying causes of one’s alcohol addiction.

Each session of alcohol hypnosis involves guiding the patient through their subconscious mind, identifying triggers, and replacing negative associations with healthier alternatives. Hypnotherapy for alcohol-related problems helps challenge binge-drinking patterns and provide tools to decrease or stop drinking altogether.

While there are various alcohol treatment options available, many find “stop drinking” hypnotherapy to be uniquely effective. It merges cognitive and clinical neuroscience approaches, creating a comprehensive strategy that addresses alcohol use disorder from multiple angles.


In conjunction with clinical hypnotherapy, individuals can also learn self-hypnosis techniques. These can further reinforce positive changes and offer a way to self-regulate when confronted with triggers or cravings outside of the session. Combined with methods like motivational interviewing, hypnotherapy-focused alcohol addiction treatment sessions offer a holistic approach to ensuring a higher success rate of quitting your old habits.

The Short and Long Term Benefits of Quitting your Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol consumption, especially when it becomes excessive, can wreak havoc on one’s life. Realising the benefits of minimising or eliminating this consumption can be a driving force in one’s recovery journey.

Short Term Benefits:

  • Improved Cognitive Function: Just days after reducing alcohol intake, many people experience clearer thinking and better decision-making skills.
  • Better Sleep Patterns: Alcohol can disrupt your REM cycle. Reducing alcohol consumption may lead to more restful nights.
  • Financial Savings: Binge-drinking can be costly. Reducing or eliminating this expense can save a significant amount over time.
  • Physical Health: After a few days without alcohol, the liver starts to repair itself, and blood pressure begins to normalise.

Long Term Benefits:

  • Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases: Prolonged excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of liver disease, heart conditions, and certain cancers. Reducing alcohol intake decreases these risks.
  • Emotional and Mental Wellbeing: Long-term sobriety can lead to fewer instances of depression and anxiety. With alcoholism hypnosis, one can also address these underlying mental health concerns, leading to an improved quality of life.
  • Enhanced Relationships: Without the strain of alcohol use disorder haunting your life, relationships can flourish and become more authentic and supportive.
  • Improved Life Span: Multiple studies indicate that quitting alcohol can add years to one’s life, especially when combined with other healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Personal Growth: Free from the shackles of addiction, many find they have more time, energy, and motivation to pursue hobbies, further their education, or dive deeper into personal development.

Quit Drinking Program

As qualified clinical hypnotherapists, we have developed a ‘Quit Drinking’ Hypnotherapy Program that can help you overcome your addiction. With it, you are provided the tools you need to stop drinking alcohol.

Live longer and save your money for when it really counts.

The Program Includes;

✓ 4 Hypnotherapy Sessions

✓ Hypnotic Audios for reinforcement

People can spend years in counselling or psychoanalysis. Sometimes never getting close to resolution. Hypnosis could help you move on from the past and start living the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

The Effects of Alcohol Addiction on Families

Alcohol abuse often damages the strong emotional bonds that sufferers have with their families (this usually starts with the parents). A study from the University of Buffalo suggests that alcohol abuse is linked to low marital satisfaction among couples and weakens the positive interactions between them.

Additionally, parents with drinking problems have the tendency to neglect both the emotional and physical needs of their children. This results in serious developmental issues that can affect the child’s mental health and academic performance.

Alcoholism can also lead to domestic abuse and financial problems. Sufferers of alcohol abuse may exhibit abusive behaviours that can take a toll on their families’ mental and physical health. According to the World Health Organization, 55% of physical assault cases between couples happened when the abusers had been drinking.

Alcohol abuse is sometimes hard to identify. Those who are suffering from it may not be able to see its full impact until their lives are starting to get negatively affected by their unhealthy drinking habits. Thankfully, help is always available for victims of alcohol abuse.

How Hypnosis for Alcoholism Can Help

If you’re struggling with alcohol abuse, hypnosis may be the perfect solution to your drinking problems.

Hypnotherapy treatments consider the underlying factors that trigger alcohol addiction. These can be past traumatic experiences, problems with self-esteem, or various mental health issues. Hypnosis fights these triggers and slowly helps the person recover from their alcohol abuse.

At Moving Minds Hypnotherapy, it’s our goal to turn alcoholics into non-drinkers. We’re here to help you overcome your alcohol addiction, so you can live a better and happier life. If you’re ready to start a life free from alcohol, contact us today.

Our frequently asked questions

What is hypnotherapy, and how is it different from traditional therapy?

Hypnotherapy uses the technique of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind. Unlike traditional therapy that often focuses on conscious thoughts and behaviours, hypnotherapy addresses underlying subconscious patterns, making it a powerful tool for deep-rooted issues like alcohol addiction.

How many sessions will I need to see results?

Our ‘Quit Drinking’ Hypnotherapy Program consists of 4 sessions. However, the number of sessions required can vary based on your individual needs. Many individuals, however, start to see positive changes after just one session.

How do I know if I have alcohol use disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is characterised by an inability to manage or control alcohol consumption despite its negative effects on one’s life. Symptoms can include strong cravings for alcohol, increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and continued use despite adverse consequences.

Can I use hypnotherapy in conjunction with other alcohol treatment methods?

Absolutely. Hypnotherapy can complement other treatment methods, such as counselling, medication, or support groups. It’s essential to discuss your treatment plan with your healthcare provider.

What happens if I relapse after the treatment?

Recovery is a journey, and setbacks can happen. If you experience a relapse, it’s crucial to seek support immediately. Additional hypnotherapy sessions or other interventions can be beneficial.

How much does it cost?

Your 4-session ‘Quit Drinking’ Hypnotherapy Program is just $800.

If you’d like to pay as you go, the first 2 sessions must be paid upfront $440, then it is $240 per session after that.

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