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Can Professional Hypnosis Work with Weight Control?

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We are all too familiar with the numerous weight loss programs available out there. From magic diets to secret exercise routines, everything is being marketed as THE answer to weight loss. But despite being spoilt for choice, numerous people still struggle to realise their goal of hitting a healthy weight. This challenge can be arguably recognised as weight loss being dependent on psychological factors as much as it is on physical resolutions.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

The practice of clinical hypnotherapy aims to help people utilise a deep state of relaxation and heightened focus to address personal issues and work towards an individual’s self-improvement.

Through specialised communication techniques, a professional clinical hypnotherapist can narrow their client’s focus towards a specific subject or idea. By temporarily blocking out internal and external stimuli, the hypnotherapist can promote a relaxed, comfortable, and almost trance-like state towards their clients.

From there, the therapist can provide suggestions to aid their client in formulating relevant internal processes, such as feelings and memories, that can hopefully lead to predetermined outcomes.

How Does One Lose Weight?

From a physiological perspective, the only way to lose weight is to simply expend more calories than you consume—either by eating less or moving more. Calories are units of energy that our bodies use to perform their functions. The food you eat supplies your body with calories that are consumed through energy expenditure.

When you consume more calories than what your body requires, this surplus is stored by your body as fat. Conversely, when you consume fewer calories than what your body needs, energy stores are tapped by your body to make up for the deficit. This stored energy can be found in the form of fat, muscle, and “stand-by” energy stored in the liver. When your body turns stored fat into energy, you lose weight.

But despite the relatively straightforward principle behind weight loss, most people still struggle to reach their goals. This reason is because acute dieting and exercising may not be enough.

Most weight loss success stories are attributed to total changes in lifestyle. Instead of actively eating less, eat healthier foods. Instead of exercising to burn calories, exercise to become healthy and strong. The consistent focus towards the end goal of being healthy will ultimately induce weight loss as a desirable side effect.

The key is consistency, and this is probably the most significant hurdle people face when going for weight loss. There can be numerous internal and external factors that can hinder one’s focus, such as work-life balance, emotional issues, social stigmas, and more.

Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Hypnosis can keep you focused on your goals by identifying and addressing factors that might disrupt your consistency towards living a healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy is no magic bullet and is definitely not mind control. But hypnotherapy is definitely effective in inducing favourable changes in a person’s habits, outlook, and lifestyle.

During hypnotherapy, a person’s relaxed state makes them highly susceptible to suggestions and positive reinforcement. Whether it’s old habits, buried memories, fears, diet associations, or broken self-esteem that’s keeping you from losing weight, hypnotherapy can address those issues.

An early study found that people who participated in hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as their controlled counterparts. And in 2014, another study involving obese women concluded that those who turned to hypnobehavioural therapy improved their body image and eating habits.

Moving Minds Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Moving Minds Hypnotherapy offers effective hypnosis for weight loss that you can use adjunctively with your lifestyle change. Our hypnotherapist can help you address and overcome challenges that keep you from reaching your desired weight and body image through a blend of conversational hypnotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy. Our weight loss program will help you change your relationship with food, neutralise emotional triggers, make exercise fun, and create a healthy future.

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