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World Hypnotism Day

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World Hypnotism Day

World Hypnotism Day was established on the 4th January 2006 in honour of Dr Jack Gibson, an Irish surgeon and hypnotherapist who continuously pioneered and promoted the need for Hypnosis in hospitals. It’s a day to spread awareness and knowledge about the powerful, yet often misunderstood practice; and a day dedicated to dispelling the numerous myths that have arisen surrounding hypnotism over time.

The Myths 

Misconceptions about hypnosis have been passed down for centuries, leading to confusion about its real purpose and effects causing many people to miss out on its fantastic potential for health, wellbeing and personal development. One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding hypnosis is that it’s like mind control or we can make you say or do things against your will. This is far from the truth, and we have stage hypnosis performances and Hollywood movies to thank.

The reality of hypnosis is that it does not involve any type of mind control or manipulation (in the negative sense). People do not say or do anything that they wouldn’t normally, and your subconscious mind is always listening and looking out for your best interests regardless of whether or not you’re hypnotised.

The Benefits

Hypnosis is a safe and normal, naturally occurring state of mind and when done correctly, it can have an incredibly positive impact on both psychological and physical health

it can help with stress relief, eliminate negative thought patterns, reduce anxiety, lift depression, create positive change in behaviour and attitude, increase self-confidence, break unwanted habits such as smoking or overeating, improve sleep quality, increase concentration levels and reduce chronic pain levels in those suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Hypnotherapy can also alter memories and emotions associated with past traumas or stressful events which can help an individual heal from their experiences more effectively.

Furthermore, its ability to relax the body enables individuals to take control over their behaviour and make positive life changes. it is non-invasive which makes it an appealing solution for many people who are looking for natural therapies to manage their issues. Ultimately, this type of treatment offers a range of advantages that make it increasingly popular as an effective form of therapeutic practice.

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