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Hypnosis for Alcohol Abuse

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Here’s some good news. There are fewer problem drinkers in Australia these days. Young Aussie’s are starting to drink at a later age than they were a couple of decades ago, and the amount of binge drinking is down.

But the problem has not gone away. Australia still logs thousands of deaths, injuries and illnesses tied to alcohol use and abuse every year. And while education and work at prevention have helped, treatment is still lagging.

Alcoholics Anonymous continues to be the primary road for most problem drinkers. Sadly, going to those meetings only helps a small minority. Depending on whose figures you look at, AA has a success rate of ten percent, tops. In addition, most formal treatment programs are mainly variations of the AA approach, and also have a dismal success rate.

Then there are treatments using drugs. The oldest is disulfiram, sold as Antabuse. If you take it daily, then have a drink, your blood pressure drops, and you feel like you’re about to die, which makes for a pretty effective slapdown. The weakness of the approach is that people learn they can lay off the Antabuse for a week or so, and then drink with no negative effects, so they just schedule their binges.

Physicians sometimes prescribe other drugs. Naltrexone, for instance, blocks endorphins, so that the drinker doesn’t get the rush. However, this and other drugs have shown little or no effectiveness in actually reducing pathological drinking.

There is a better way. Hypnotherapy for binge drinking is beginning to get more attention in the battle against alcoholism and alcohol abuse. It is effective, and it works on more than one level.

For starters, hypnotherapy works on the physical addiction. When you drink chronically and then stop, you have withdrawal symptoms that go beyond that weekend hangover, up to and including seizure, and those symptoms can recur over an extended period of time. Hypnosis blocks the symptoms.

Chronic drinkers also suffer from physical cravings. Once again, hypnosis works against those, and with training in self-hypnosis, the recovering drinker can stay in charge.

Most alcohol abusers have self-esteem issues. Poor self-image is one of the things that got them drinking to begin with. As any good alcoholic will tell you, when you’ve had a few drinks you can be anyone you want to be—brilliant, talented, charming, adored—at least until you wake up the next morning. Hypnotherapy has a long and proven track record when it comes to dealing with self-esteem problems, not to mention the depression and anxiety that many problem drinkers suffer from.

A skilled, competent hypnotherapist can help you deal effectively with excessive drinking, as well as the other problems that so often go along with it. Moving Minds Hypnotherapy for alcohol abuse helps alcoholics become non-drinkers. At it’s central location in Coomera on the Gold Coast, it is easy to get to from Brisbane to Tweed Heads. You have nothing to lose but your hangover.

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