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Will Hypnosis Work on You? Here’s How to Tell

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Are you thinking about undertaking hypnosis for something that has been plaguing you for too long? Like many other people who are seeking help for a personal or behavioural problem, hypnosis can help – but it’s also quite common to have questions about the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Many people who come to see us have questions like ‘will hypnosis work for me?’ and ‘will hypnosis cure my smoking habit’ – and these concerns are perfectly normal. We want to discuss some of the answers to questions about whether hypnosis will work on you (plus look at how to tell if it will).

Is Hypnosis Even Real?

This is quite a common question that we get. And the answer is, yes, absolutely. Hypnosis has a very old history which spans hundreds if not thousands of years. Hypnosis has evolved alongside psychology as a therapeutic service and has been used in the past to assist in things like surgery, pain management, and other health-related uses.

While hypnosis is commonly recognised and used for entertainment, hypnosis also has the power to do a lot of good for people. Hypnosis can be used to help treat a range of psychological and behavioural problems, with hypnosis being used for things like anxiety, depression, overeating, smoking cessation, and a range of other psychological issues. Hypnosis can even be used to treat children for behavioural, confidence, and psychological issues.

Will Hypnosis Work on Me?

The simple fact is that whether or not you can be hypnotised comes down to actually being in the chair with us and experiencing hypnosis. Everyone is different, and everyone will get something different out of their hypnosis experience.

  • Approximately 15% of the population is highly prone to suggestibility and are highly able to be hypnotised, while around the same amount are entirely unable to be hypnotised.
  • The other 70% of people sit somewhere in the middle and are able to be hypnotised to varying degrees.

If you’re in the middle it means that it is likely you will respond to certain suggestions, but not all of them. If you’re right up the hypnotisable end of the scale, it means you’re likely to do exactly as the hypnotist will suggest.

It is worth mentioning that depending on what you are seeking treatment on will depend on how complex the suggestions are. And the more complex the suggestion the more difficult it can be to respond to them. Things like picturing the world a certain way or smelling or tasting something that isn’t there will require quite a lot of effort, so it may be harder to experience.

How can Hypnosis be Used

Your hypnosis treatment can be used to manage a range of behavioural concerns. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, smoking, depression, a bad habit you wish you could kick, pain, or something else you want to change – hypnosis may be able to assist you. As a treatment, it is largely cost effective – especially when you think about the costs associated with multiple psychologist sessions!

It is important to note that hypnosis is not for everyone – and different people get different things out of hypnosis. It’s the same as any other type of therapy in that regard; some people will get a lot out of visiting a psychologist while other people benefit from visiting natural therapists or other practitioners.

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