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Shocking Things People do for Weight Loss

The fitness industry probably has the biggest share of hacks and quacks all eager to make a name for themselves by selling a promise they can’t keep or a service they wouldn’t even try themselves. And the sector where these “gurus” are most prolific is the weight loss section. From magic pills to wonder diets and secret workouts, many people, desperate to lose weight, fall victim to these scams. Here are some of the most shocking things people have actually tried in order to lose weight.

The Charcoal Cleanse – This practice involves drinking juice containing activated charcoal. The theory behind this is that since the body supposedly can’t absorb activated charcoal, it will pass through your digestive system intact. At the same time, toxins and other impurities cling to it and get flushed out in the process. But the thing is, all that charcoal you drank just passed through the intestines where it can bind to essential nutrients and flush those out instead. All the other toxins throughout the rest of your body remain untouched by this charcoal concoction.

The Baby Food Diet – This one involves replacing all of your meals throughout the day with 14 containers of baby food. Then you eat regular dinner in the evening. The supposed logic behind this is extreme calorie restriction. Eat less; lose weight. Sounds simple enough but it really isn’t. Research has proven that drastically reducing calorie intake can slow down the body’s metabolism, retaining and possibly gaining weight.

The Vision Diet – This one comes in two variations that both use optical illusion to trick people into eating less. The first one makes a person wear specialised glasses that make food portions appear bigger. This method is supposed to trick your mind that you have eaten more than you actually have. The other pair of glasses turns your food into shades of blue to make your food look less appetising, making you eat less than you usually would.

Caffeine-Infused Underwear – The iPant from Wacoal America got the company in trouble by claiming that this underwear line could destroy cellulite due to being infused with micro-encapsulated caffeine, retinol, and other ingredients that are supposed to mobilise fat and moisturise skin. This stunt was short-lived as Wacoal was ordered to pay USD 1.3m for false and unsubstantiated claims.

These are but just a few of the things that prey on the people desperate to lose weight. With so many weight-loss programs out there that actually work, why do people still fall victim to these supposed shortcuts? Sticking with a weight loss regime requires dedication and focus, and it takes more effort mentally, rather than physically.

Moving Minds Hypnotherapy will help you reach your weight loss goals by placing you in a different mindset. Our Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss program will help you change unwanted behaviours and feelings concerning exercise and healthy eating habits. We will help you transform your relationship with food, neutralise emotional triggers, make exercise fun, and create a healthy future for yourself.

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