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Hypnosis and Mindfulness: How They Go Hand in Hand in Improving Your Life

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Hypnosis and mindfulness can sometimes seem identical to some people – after all, they both involve using our minds in a deep way.

But they’re not actually the same thing.

Yes, they share many similarities, and they might even look the same on the outside. But inside, they differ in many clear yet subtle ways.

The amazing thing, though, is that despite their differences, these two can work hand-in-hand to make your journey for self-improvement more effective.

To understand why, it helps to first see how they both differ.

Hypnosis vs Mindfulness

Hypnosis and mindfulness are two powerful ways of training and using our minds.

And while the approach to either one is the same – calm, relaxed, gentle – this is perhaps where their similarities end.

Here are the main ways that hypnosis and mindfulness differ from each other:

  • Goal (or lack thereof)
    Hypnosis is typically a goal-oriented activity and is often done with a particular objective in mind (e.g. change in behaviour or mindset). Mindfulness, on the other hand, is inherently not goal-oriented. The only “goal” of mindfulness is to become aware of your thoughts in the present moment without judgement.
  • Nature of practice
    An integral part of hypnosis is responding to a suggestion (either from your hypnotherapist or yourself in self-hypnosis) when you’re in a hypnotic state. Mindfulness, meanwhile, is more open and does not require a response to any thoughts or suggestions.
  • Focus of Mind
    Mindfulness is intrinsically focused on the conscious mind – e.g. your thoughts, feelings, ideas in the present moment. Hypnosis, on the other hand, often goes deeper and focuses on your subconscious mind – thoughts, ideas, and behaviours you may not be consciously aware of.
  • Awareness
    Although both hypnosis and mindfulness emphasise being present in the moment at the start, they often use this approach to end up in different places. In mindfulness, you focus and stay in the present to become aware of your thoughts without judgement as they come. In hypnosis, however, you start with an awareness of the present but use that awareness to focus intently on something else. In a way, you become transported to “another place” when you’re hyper-focused during hypnosis, and you may not be fully aware of what’s happening in the present while you’re in a hypnotic state.

To summarise:

Goal Goal-oriented Not goal-oriented
Nature of practice Suggestive Non-suggestive
Focus Unconscious mind Conscious mind
Awareness Fully absorbed in where you are guided (not necessarily the present moment) Fully present in the moment

How They Can Work Together

Despite these core differences, mindfulness and hypnosis are not at odds with each other.

On the contrary, they work incredibly well together when used to create personal change or in self-improvement.

Because mindfulness is focused solely on the present moment – what you’re thinking and feeling in the present without judgement – you can use it to become more aware of your inner thoughts and ideas. And when you’re more aware of what you’re thinking and feeling without judgement, you gain a more objective view of where you are in your life, what you need to change, and how to respond.

Mindfulness can also be a powerful tool for helping you avoid the trap of negative thought loops and patterns. When you become aware of your negative thoughts and feelings without judging yourself, you can free yourself from its hold on you so you can respond and act in a more positive way.

But you don’t have to stop there.

With hypnosis, you can go a level deeper to uncover the source of these negative thoughts or behaviours. Hypnosis can help you enter your subconscious and reveal what’s really holding you back from changing for the better. And once you get to that source and identify it, you’ll find it easier to make the right change to improve your life.

A Powerful Combo for Positive Change

Mindfulness and hypnosis may be different, but they complement each other incredibly well when used for personal change and self-improvement. Additionally, if you’ve been diagnosed with a mental condition, mindfulness works in adjunct with our services, which include PTSD Hypnotherapy.

This is why they are often interlinked and even thought of as the same: they simply work together seamlessly.

If you’re curious about hypnosis and how you can use it with your mindfulness or meditation practice, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. We can help you use hypnosis to enrich your mindfulness practice and create the positive change you want faster and more efficiently.

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