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How to Become Comfortable with the Uncertain

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Society has hardwired our brains into letting us think that we are always in control. Most of the time, we are—from what time we wake up in the morning, what we eat throughout the day, where we spend our time, to the time when we decide to turn off the lights and go to sleep. We are made to believe that we are in a world where we can often express self-determination that when presented with a situation or placed in an environment of uncertainty, our minds experience dissonance and pressure.

You have brains in your head,

You have feet in your shoes,

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

— Dr Seuss

study published in 2016 produced results that there is a direct relation between uncertainty and stress. The study observed that when the mind performs computations during moments of hesitation, the test subjects presented measurable levels of psychological and physiological stress.

If that is the case, how can we, as humans, learn, or better yet, unlearn the notion that we should and are always in control? Before anything else, we must accept the fact that while we have the free will to make choices, the outcome of our options is beyond our control. But what’s under our control, and always will be, is how we respond to unfavourable results.

Some people will handle these situations better than others, and we’ll all get better with it over time. Begin with accepting the fact that uncertainty will always be a part of our daily lives. We shouldn’t avoid something inevitable—the better move would be to take things for what they are. Once we’ve accepted that uncertainty is unavoidable, there are actionable measures we can put in place to help us cope. One is to give yourself space to commit errors in decision making and realize that every experience is always a learning one. Instead of dwelling on the unchangeable negativities of the past, reflect on your former successes. Reflect on your actions that led to your success, and how they might help you in your present situation.

Take risks on purpose. When things are relatively straightforward, take this opportunity to acclimate yourself with stepping out of your comfort zone. This piece of advice doesn’t mean you go diving head-first into a pool of uncertainty but to test the waters little by little. Start with small things like going out of your daily routine to develop new skills, try out a new sport, or converse with a stranger. Keep in mind that no matter what the outcome, be proud of yourself by having the courage to try something that scares you, and that you made it through. By taking small risks, we develop confidence, over time, in our capacity to delve into the uncertain.

Capitalize on what you can control. If the uncertain makes you uncomfortable, and you prefer routine, savour the moments that tip the scales towards your favour. When facing familiar situations, pat yourself on the back for dealing with this situation during a previous point in your life. Make it a point to delegate time in your day for structure. Activities as simple as cooking a meal or cleaning the house can keep you from thinking and overthinking about things you have no control over now.

Take Part in self-care. Try to keep your mind and body healthy, through proper eating habits, exercise, and rest. Several activities might help you cope with your discomfort towards uncertainty. Yoga can help you keep a healthy body and mind at once—you can even choose this for your “try something different” strategy. Meditation can also keep you focused on the right things and helps you enjoy well-balanced thoughts.


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