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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Body Confidence Almost Instantly

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If you’re like most people, feeling good about your body plays a big role in your self-confidence.

The happier you are about your body, the easier it is for you to feel and be more confident.

But what if your body confidence isn’t as high as you want it to be? Or perhaps you realise that you’re not loving your body as much as you once did?

If so, are you doomed to never becoming the confident person you’ve always envisioned?

The great news is that: no, everything is not over in your journey to higher self-confidence. Far from it, in fact.

Improving your body confidence – and ultimately, your self-confidence – can be simpler than you think. And you can do it almost anywhere and at any time.

Here are five simple ways to boost your body confidence whenever you find yourself struggling with it.

  1. Improve your posture.
    Many don’t realise just how strong the connection is between our body postures and our body confidence. But now you do – so take advantage of it!When your body confidence is low, it will almost always show in your body posture and how you carry yourself. You’ll likely find yourself assuming a posture that makes you look and feel smaller, whether it’s slouching, bending your head, or letting your shoulders droop.But the great thing about it is that it can also work the other way around.By changing and improving your posture, you can feel stronger and more confident in your body and yourself.So the next time you find yourself feeling down about your body, try to check and improve your posture for a much-needed boost.
  2. Strike a (power) pose.
    “Power posing” is a thing – and it can be a useful tool for feeling more confident about your body, even temporarily. (Don’t believe us? Check out this popular TED Talk by psychologist Amy Cuddy about power posing.)Power posing is doing certain expansive and confident poses to affect your thinking and feelings about yourself. Essentially, by assuming a confident pose, you could “trick” yourself into feeling and being more confident.There are a variety of power poses you can try such as standing with your hands confidently on your hips (the “Wonder Woman” pose) or keeping your legs in a wide, open stance and lifting your arms high above your head in a victorious and celebratory pose.
  3. List down what you love about your body.
    When you’re feeling down and insecure about your body, it’s easy to get caught up in what you think are flaws and forget about the things that you actually love.Most, if not all of us, have things that we love about our bodies, no matter how much we dislike it. Try to remember all the things that you like about your body and list them down on a piece of paper or even in your mind.The goal is to gradually shift your focus from your perceived flaws to the positive things about your body.This can help you remind yourself that there’s more to like in your body than you might have realised. Even if you find yourself with much fewer things you like than dislike, it will remind you that there’s something good to love about yourself no matter how hopeless you feel.The more you focus on what your body is and what it can do – instead of what it isn’t and what it can’t – the easier it can be for you to accept and appreciate your body.
  4. Go beyond the weighing scale.
    One of the unfortunate things about body confidence in today’s society is that many people pin most of it on their weight. But if you do this, it only puts you at the mercy of the weighing scale. Besides, even if you hit your target and optimum weight, you can still be insecure with your body.Instead of letting your weight dictate your body confidence, try focusing on the bigger picture instead: your health and well-being.By focusing on these instead of your weight, you may find it easier to love your body and feel more confident about it. Because the healthier you feel, the more you’ll love it and feel motivated to take care of it – which then makes you feel better about it!
  5. Cut out negative media.
    For many people today, self-criticism and low body confidence reach their peak when they compare themselves with other people on the media, especially in social media platforms.If you find yourself feeling bad about your body and criticising it because of what you saw on TV or your social media feed, try to stop watching it as soon as possible.The sooner you cut out negative input from the media, the easier it will be to avoid unfairly comparing yourself with others.And while you’re at it, try to seek out and follow positive sources instead. Aim to follow and consume media from people or groups that help you love your body and take care of it, not those that make you feel ashamed or powerless.

Need a more in-depth approach to improving your body confidence? Try hypnotherapy.

Much of our dissatisfaction with our bodies is rooted in issues that make it difficult to accept and love our bodies as they are.

If this is how you feel, hypnosis may be able to help you tackle these underlying issues and change your mindset about your body. When you identify the root cause of your dissatisfaction with your body, you can find it easier to accept it, love it, and make the right changes (if any at all).

If you’re interested in trying hypnotherapy for improving your body confidence, including hypnotherapy weight loss, get in touch with our hypnotherapist to learn more.

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