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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Gold Coast

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Gold Coast

We understand. You’ve explored countless avenues in your quest to lose weight. From fad diets and protein shakes to rigorous gym routines, you’ve done it all. Yet, the scales don’t reflect the work you’ve put in, and your weight loss efforts seem in vain.

The reason behind this is simple yet overlooked: successful, sustainable weight loss requires more than just physical changes. The key lies within your mindset and habits. To achieve lasting weight loss, you need to embody the lifestyle and attitudes of someone who naturally maintains the weight you desire.

We can help you get there. Our Inside-Out Weight Loss Hypnosis Program isn’t about a temporary fix or a quick trick. It’s about fostering the deep-seated changes needed for lasting transformation. With our experienced and registered hypnotherapists, based in Gold Coast and Brisbane, we’ll equip you with the mental tools and strategies required to kick-start your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Imagine embodying the real you, the you that feels confident, vibrant, and at ease with your body. That day is closer than you think. Just reach out to us at 0422 741 041 or connect online to book your transformative treatment today.

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The Inside-Out Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Session 1: Change your relationship with food

During your first hypnosis session, we’ll discuss the basics of weight loss and tackle your unconscious conflicts. From this session, you can learn how to only ever eat in a sensible and balanced way that leads to good health and your ideal body weight.

For example, right now you may consciously want to eat better (or eat less than you do). However, there are often other parts of you that move you in another direction.

There may be one part of you that makes you want to overeat. There may be another part that craves unhealthy, sugary or fattening foods. There may be a part that makes you snack or binge between meals, and so on.

In this session, we will touch on these ‘unconscious’ parts, so you can resolve them and focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Instead of trying to overcome your cravings for sweet, fatty, or processed food, you can become drawn to the taste of the healthy food you eat.

Session 2: Neutralise emotional triggers

When you stop and think about what affects your desire to indulge in overeating, snacking, or binging, you’ll probably realise that you are triggered by uncomfortable emotions.

In other words, you are likely using food to compensate for (or bury) feelings like stress, anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, loneliness, boredom, and so on.

In this session, we will help you reprogram your mind, so you can deal with these emotions in a more relaxed, productive and healthier way. We will help you gain clarity and awareness to overcome the need to “fill an emotional hole” with food.

Session 3: Make exercise fun

In this session, we will help you re-ignite the energy in you and turn exercise into fun.

You’ll find yourself with more energy and vitality in your life, and being more active will feel more natural. You won’t be able to help it.

Your body already knows what activity is best for it – so it will lead you to the activities and exercises that are right for you and in line with your ideal self.

Session 4: Create your healthy future

By the time you reach session four, you will likely already start seeing kilos drop off, thanks to developing a completely new relationship with food.

The emotional triggers will no longer be ruling your life. You’ll find yourself enjoying exercise more, and you’ll be surprised by how much better you feel about yourself.

Soon, you’ll be on your way to achieving your ideal body weight – whatever that is for you.

This session is all about reinforcing all the other sessions and creating a future “road-map” for your unconscious mind to follow.

As you develop better habits and a stronger mindset, you will build even more confidence and find yourself more aligned with your goal. You will develop the conviction that even when life gets tough, whatever it is, you can and will get through it.

People can spend years trying to find the best diet or doing countless detoxes and 8 week programs, but when it’s over the old habits return. Hypnosis could help you change from the inside. No will power is required if you just ‘want’ the healthier choice.

The Science Behind Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically supported method that brings about powerful change by directly engaging the subconscious mind. The practice of hypnotherapy combines deep relaxation with focused concentration, enabling the subconscious mind to become receptive to positive suggestions. It’s like unlocking a door to your mind’s control room, where our deeply embedded habits and emotional responses reside.

Psychologists and researchers have extensively studied and validated the effectiveness of hypnotherapy across various areas, including weight loss. It works by reprogramming your automatic responses, the ones that lead to overeating, emotional eating, or unhealthy choices. Hypnotherapy for weight loss aims to align these responses with healthier alternatives.

The best part? The changes made through hypnotherapy can lead to permanent weight loss, breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting for good.

Our subconscious minds are more powerful than we give them credit for. They influence our behaviours, feelings, and thoughts more profoundly than we realise. This is why hypnotherapy can be such a game-changer in your weight loss process.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Gold Coast

Our hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brisbane and the Gold Coast gives you freedom and awareness to make better life choices around food, health, and exercise. It doesn’t focus on diets, deprivation, or gym memberships. It focuses your most powerful tool of all – your mind.

After just a few weeks, you will be looking at yourself in the mirror thinking: Wow, I didn’t think it could be this easy.” And your reflection will be the proof.

And the best thing?  With weight loss through hypnotherapy Gold Coast, all the changes to your thoughts, feelings and habits around food, health and exercise can stay with you for life.

Over time, you’ll build the momentum to continue wanting to do the things that keep you at your ideal body weight, making the results more likely to stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Absolutely, hypnotherapy is viewed as a safe practice when executed by a trained and certified professional. In essence, it utilises the power of positive suggestion to influence and modify behavioural patterns. It’s like having a conversation with your subconscious mind, gently encouraging it to adopt healthier habits and responses.
As with any therapy, it’s important to ensure that your hypnotherapist is qualified and accredited to provide you with the best service.

Will I lose control during the sessions?

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy doesn’t cause you to lose control. During the sessions, you retain your autonomy and awareness. While you’re in a deeply relaxed state, you’re always cognisant of your surroundings and what’s being suggested. You maintain the ability to choose and can decide to come out of the hypnotic state whenever you wish. It’s a collaborative process where we guide you along the path, but you’re always in the driver’s seat.

How does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy functions by directly engaging with your subconscious mind, the part of your mind that’s responsible for your habits and emotional responses. It serves to transform your relationship with food and physical activity, aiding in managing emotional triggers and aligning your actions with your weight loss objectives.

If you struggle with unhealthy patterns such as binge eating or emotional eating, hypnotherapy can be an effective tool in dismantling these negative behaviours and replacing them with healthier responses.

What can I expect during a hypnotherapy session?

During a hypnotherapy session, we’ll guide you into a state of profound relaxation. This relaxed state makes your subconscious more receptive to positive suggestions. Our therapists then utilise purposefully structured language and imagery to help alter your perspectives and practices linked to food, exercise, and emotional responses. Imagine it as a therapeutic journey where you uncover and transform deeply ingrained patterns, leading to healthier eating and a healthy weight.

Can hypnotherapy help me if I have a medical condition contributing to my weight gain?

While hypnotherapy can serve as a valuable complement to medical treatment by fostering healthier habits and mental attitudes, it should not replace medical care. Hypnotherapy is designed to work alongside traditional medical treatment, not as a substitute for it. If you have a medical condition contributing to your weight gain, it’s crucial to consult with your doctor before initiating any new health program, including hypnotherapy.

How long do the effects of hypnotherapy last?

The influence of hypnotherapy can be enduring. Our program is carefully designed to assist you in creating sustained change by ingraining new habits and a healthier mindset associated with food and exercise. However, it’s important to remember that individual experiences may vary. Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic pill; it’s a step in your journey towards losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your commitment and active participation in the process are vital components to ensure its success and longevity.

Take the first step towards the new you today

If you feel like you’ve expended enough time, energy, money, and self-esteem trying every possible weight loss solution, it’s time for a different approach. Invest in yourself with our Inside-Out Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. This is more than a weight loss program; it’s an investment in your future self.

In a mere 10 – 12 weeks, you could be looking in the mirror, seeing a version of yourself that you may not even recognise, all thanks to your commitment to change.

Our comprehensive ‘Inside-Out Weight Loss Hypnosis’ Program, consisting of 4 crucial sessions, is priced at $265 per session. But if you decide to pay in full upfront, the total cost is reduced to just $880. Now that’s a small price for a lifelong change, isn’t it?

Don’t let weight gain and unhealthy eating habits define you. You deserve to lead a life free from the burden of negative self-talk and emotional eating. Our hypnotherapy weight loss Gold Coast and weight loss hypnosis Brisbane services are here to help you attain significant weight loss and step into a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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